It's Not a Job,
It's a Lifestyle.

Hi there! I’m Leandro and I have been working in media for over 10 years now. Starting from the concept up to the final result, I'm a passionate storyteller from the old school. Suit free since 2003 :)


I believe in the power of ‘What If?’

After more than ten years in the business, I'm still enthusiastic about the `gig´, and I really enjoy to be challenged in the most creative ways. Whether you want to turn your idea into film or you want to create and deliver the whole concept, let´s talk about it.

Grap a CV!
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Big or Small,
fast and slow.

Humbly, passionate, all over the world.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with some remarkable brands from various industries and regions of the globe.I partner with each client to create big ideas and translate them into fresh and creative experiences.

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In the meanwhile

This is what I do when Im not writing. I didn't mean to make it personal but you'll see how it all turns out. Some say portfolio, I like to think about a method The B-Side.


If you are looking for a solid partner for your projects, I’m your man!